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* I have called the office number but don't get an answer.

We are currently working from home so please leave a message on the voicemail and we will return your call.  You can also send your inquiry to our email address: AcademyofRealEstate@Gmail.com.

I registered for classes on the website but I haven't received a confirmation.

We check each registration that is received and an email confirmation is sent to you by a human.  Therefore, if the registration comes in after hours or on weekends, we won't send a confirmation until the next business day.  Be sure to check your spam folder as well since often the email ends up there.

* Are you offering in-person classes?

No, we are not currently offering in-person instruction. We are offering live instructor led classes via the Zoom format (we call this Live-Streaming)

For CE classes, we offer both the traditional online classes or live-streaming virtual classes.
The traditional online classes you can log in and out at any time and work independently to read the material and take exams.
The live-streaming classes are in lieu of classroom instruction and are at specific times with an instructor.  There are no exams for this option. They follow the same rules as if in the classroom.

Click here for the information and schedule for live-streaming CE classes.
Click here for traditional online CE classes.

For pre-licensing classes, we are currently only offering traditional self-study, online courses.

Click here for information on the MD online pre-licensing course.
Click here for information on the VA online pre-licensing course.
Click here for information on the DC online pre-licensing course.

* What do I need to have to join the virtual livestreaming classes?

You must have a computer, laptop or tablet equipped with a microphone and camera.
Although not recommended, students have had success using a smartphone to connect.

We are using Zoom for our virtual classes.  If using a Smartphone or tablet, you must download the Zoom app to your device.  If using a desktop or laptop, you will have to install the client software, if you have not used Zoom before.  You will be prompted to download it the first time you connect.    https://zoom.us/download  

Visit the Zoom website for support and instruction:    https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us
We will attempt to assist you as much as possible, but with so many different hardware and software configurations it would be difficult for us to troubleshoot remotely.

You can test out your connection by going to a Zoom test meeting:  https://zoom.us/test

​​*  I completed online classes but I never received my credits or certificates.

Please be sure to read the policies for online classes as there are additional steps required before you can receive credits for the classes.  You must send us a signed affidavit for the online classes you completed.  You can list all of your classes on one sheet if you completed multiple classes.  Note, in VA you are required to have the affidavit notarized.

Click here for the MD affidavit.
Click here for the VA affidavit.

* I am a MD or VA licensed agent and want to get a license by reciprocity in DC.  What do I need to do?

To get a license in DC by reciprocity, you need to take a 3-hour DC Fair Housing class and then take the law portion of the exam.  

You can take the DC Fair Housing class online - click here.

Click here for the DC Salesperson Guideline from the DC Real Estate Commission for instructions. 

* I am taking the DC Fair Housing class to get my DC license by reciprocity but it is asking for a license number.   What do I do?

Since you do not currently hold a DC license, enter BR000000 (broker) or SP000000 (salesperson) in the license number field.  Once we receive notification of your completion, we will email you a copy of your completion certificate.

* How do I know if my MD CE credits have been reported to the MD Real Estate Commission?

You can verify your credits by clicking here
Note that credits are shown in the report by category and course number, not by course title.  This information should be displayed on your course completion certificate.
Categories:  A - Legislative, D - Ethics, C - Fair Housing, H - Brokerage Relationships/Agency,
I - Supervision, F - Electives 
If you are not seeing all of your credits on that page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "View Continuing Education History" and check if it shows under a previous page.

* I am taking online classes (MD/VA) but I don't see all of my courses listed.  How do I see all my classes?

When you are in your portal, click on the Home icon in the upper right hand corner.  This should take you to your list of courses.

* I just need to take the state portion of the MD licensing exam.  Do you have any study guides?

We do offer an online exam prep course specific to the MD law licensing exam.
Click here for more information.    In person (or virtual) live instructor training is also available.  Email AcademyofRealEstate@Gmail.com for questions regarding live instruction.

You can also purchase the MD Law book here.

* How can I get licensed in MD if I am already licensed in another state?

Follow the instructions on the MD DLLR website for the steps you need to take to get a license in MD.  Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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